Riddle Guide:

  1. Practically anything can be a hint.
    1. The title.
    2. (try highlighting the screen with CTRL-A)
    3. Comments, take a look at the page source.
    4. Names of embedded objects, e.g. images, etc.
    5. Even the URL may contain a hint.
  2. Use google!
    1. More often than not googling hints will get you on the right track.
    2. Google for tools that may help you solve the riddle.
    3. Any tool you need to solve a riddle should be easily found via a Google search and be free.
  3. Answer via the guess box on the page.
    • The URL of the next riddle generally has little to do with the answer to the current riddle.
  4. The guess box is case insensitive.
    • "The Answer", "the answer", and "ThE AnSwEr" would all be accepted.
  5. The guess box may accept multiple spellings of the answer.
    • If the answer is "10", inputing "ten" would likely be acceptable.
  6. Bookmark your current riddle so you don't lose your progress!
  7. These riddles are not really mobile friendly.

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